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ICT - Information and Communications technology is now called Computing in line with the new curriculum


Computing Aims:


Computing refers to the processes and means by which information is gathered, organised, stored, processed, presented, manipulated, and communicated, using electronic systems.

In this technological age, the ability to use various forms of technology effectively, confidently, safely and responsibly is a vital life skill.

At Crownfield Junior School, our aim is that we will use a range of technology to enhance and enrich the children’s learning experiences.

We use technology as both a learning and a teaching tool.

We embrace the opportunities that enable our children to communicate on a local, national and global scale, including digital communication with our partner schools.

We acknowledge the range of experiences that children come to school equipped with, and will use this as a basis from which to deliver an engaging and stimulating computing curriculum.

We aim to enable our children to become confident users of information, and furnish them with a knowledge and understanding of how to use communications equipment appropriately, for different purposes and in different contexts. Pupils will be given opportunities to select from a range of hardware and software in order to complete a task.

The computing curriculum at Crownfield Junior School draws on the topics and themes studied in other subject areas, to provide relevant contexts within which skills may be developed.

Head of Computing - Ms S. Harries

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