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The Learning and Achieving Federation

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History Aims:

History teaching offers opportunities to:

  • Know and understand the history of these islands as a coherent, chronological narrative, from the earliest times to present day: how people’s lives have shaped this nation and how Britain has influenced and been influenced by the wider world
  • Know and understand significant aspects of the history of the wider world: the nature of ancient civilisations; the expansion and dissolution of empires;characteristic features of past non-European societies; achievements and follies of mankind
  • Gain and deploy a historically grounded understanding of abstract terms such as' empire’, ‘civilisation’, ‘parliament’ and peasantry’
  •  Understand the methods of historical enquiry, including how evidence is used rigorously to make historical claims, and discern how and why contrasting arguments and interpretations of the past have been constructed
  • Gain historical perspective by placing their growing knowledge into different contexts, understanding the connections between local, regional, national and international history; between cultural, economic, military, political, religious and social history; and between the short and long term timescales


Head of History - Miss N. Soo

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