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The Learning and Achieving Federation

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SMSC Aims 

  • To deepen the pupils’ understanding of themselves, enabling them to make the most of their skills and talents. 
  • To develop the pupils’ sense of moral responsibility, to themselves, to others and to the world we live in; to develop an understanding of global issues. 
  • To develop and enhance the pupils’ relationship skills. 
  • To develop an understanding of and respect for our common humanity, diversity and differences. 
  • To encourage the pupils’ to make right choices regarding a healthy lifestyle. 
  • To encourage children to be active members of our school community, carrying out responsibilities with a sense of commitment, duty and pride.
  • To encourage our children to become mature, confident individuals, capable of embracing the opportunities and challenges of life.
  • To participate in a variety of fundraising activities (e.g., Children in Need, Red Nose Day, NSPCC) to help others in the greater community.
  • To promote the fundamental British Values (democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs) across the school life.
  • To encourage all staff, parents and governors to work together to promote all aspects of social, moral, cultural and spiritual development.
  • To provide a safe and happy school environment for children to flourish in.
  • To ensure staff present information in a non-bias way and try to break stereotypes.

*For additional information on ensuring the safety of our pupils, please refer to the Anti-Bullying and Prevention of Radicalisation Policies.


Head of SMSC -  Mrs S Fewings

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