The Learning and Achieving Federation

The Learning and Achieving Federation

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Welcome to The Learning and Achieving Federation website

The federation between The Mawney Foundation School and Crownfield Junior School was formed in July 2018.
The staff, governors, Headteachers and I aim to build on, develop and use the strengths of each school to provide high-quality educational opportunities for all our pupils to thrive and succeed.  
Underpinning this will be the high aspirations and expectations we have for all our children; the high social and academic standards we set; and our determination to meet the individual needs of every child. 
Outstanding education and provision are also dependent upon strong partnerships with pupils, parents/carers and the community, and I hope we can work together to give all our children an enjoyable and fulfilling education at their respective schools, so they may achieve to their full potential.

Mr Craige Brown
Executive Headteacher

The Learning and Achieving Federation Vision

We want all our children to be:

  • Happy​, Healthy​, Valued and Safe
  • Learners for Life​ who Enjoy and Achieve
  • Critical Thinkers to are able to Make Wise and Informed Choices​
  • Achieving Economic Well-Being
  • Confident​ and Effective Communicators
  • Contributing Positively to Society
  • Able to identify risks to their own safety

Through highly effective teaching and learning experiences, with a focus on learning about:

  • Emotional Well-being, Positive Mindset and Empathy
  • Personal, Social and Moral Skills 
  • Lifelong Skills (literate, numerate, Computing and global knowledge)
  • Meaningful experiences in each area of school life 
  • Development of Personal interests and provide varied experiences beyond the curriculum
  • Tolerance and Resilience
  • Aspirations and learning potential of possibilities
  • Values, including British Values

With measurable outcomes:

  • Children’s in-depth pursuit of interests and passions
  • Pupils achieving and exceeding National expectations
  • High levels of attendance
  • Children’s future careers and aspirations
  • Progress in all areas of learning
  • Outside quality assurance through outside agencies (Governors, Local Authority, OfSTED)

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