The Learning and Achieving Federation

The Learning and Achieving Federation

  1. Crownfield Junior School
  2. Curriculum Information
  3. English


English Aims:

  • To provide a broad and balanced English curriculum which addresses the 2014 National Curriculum programme of study
  • To enable the children to become confident speakers and listeners
  • To develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to become effective and enthusiastic readers
  • To enable the children to become increasingly confident when expressing their ideas in a variety of forms involving writing
  • To empower the children to understand how the English Language works and the components within it
  • To enable the children to become competent spellers
  • To enable to the children to develop a legible style of handwriting that is fluent and effective

 Head of English - Mrs R Tong and Mrs M Nkwocha

 English Policy currently being updated


Literacy Long Term Plan*

Subject Term Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
English Autumn Stories with familiar settings
Myths and Legends
Poems to perform
Stories with historical settings
Recounts: Newspapers/ magazines
Stories set in imaginary worlds
Creating images
Novels and stories by significant children's authors
Traditional stories, fables, myths and legends
Poetic style
Biography and autobiography
Fiction genres
The power of imagery
Journalistic writing
Spring Adventure and mystery
Authors and letters
Information texts
Stories from other cultures
Exploring form
Stories from other cultures
Classic/ narrative poems
Extending narrative
Authors and texts
Formal/ impersonal writing
Summer  Information texts
Dialogue and plays
Language play
Stories which raise issues/dilemmas
Persuasive texts
Film narrative
Dramatic conventions
Persuasive writing
Short stories with flashbacks
Reading and writing narrative
Reading and writing non-fiction
Reading poetry

*This plan is a guide and may change during the course of the year