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British Values

Crownfield Junior School promotes British Values in our school and community.


Crownfield Junior School actively promotes democracy in all year groups; specifically the Student Council and participating in the class charter. The Student Council are the voice of the children, councillors meet with the Head Teacher monthly to discuss issues/suggestions that are important.  Assemblies and lessons delve into relevant topics regarding current events.

Rule of the Law

Children frequently encounter the Rule of the Law in their lessons/ assemblies/newsletters. The Good to Be Green Behaviour System promotes positive behaviour and tries to correct negative ones; children understand that there are consequences for their actions. Visits from the Police, Fire Services, London Transport and Not-for Profit Organisations such NSPCC equip our students with the knowledge necessary to understand the law.

Individual Liberty

Children are taught to be responsible for their behaviour and can freely state their opinions in a safe, welcoming community.   Children understand their rights and how to exercise them in and around the school. Children understand the value in participating in charity events to raise money for those in need.  Other areas children demonstrate their individual liberty is in by making the choice to Walk to School knowing the benefits.  Aspirations week allows children to explore possible career choices and to question their own abilities and interests.

Our school’s motto ‘Keep moving forward’ encourages children to move on and do their very best.

Mutual Respect

All members of the school community share a mutual respect for each other. Children understand their right to attend school and not to affect others learning.  

Our belief is 'Take pride in your school and your school will take pride in you' children are reminded of the importance of being proud of who they are.

Tolerance of those with different Faiths and Beliefs

Crownfield is a multi-cultural school where all faiths are celebrated. Children gain awareness of different faiths through RE Lessons, Class trips and visitors.  SMSC lessons allow children to speak freely without being judged. Children can speak freely when they are in class.  Everyone is treated equally and our differences are celebrated.

Prevent Strategy

Our staff work hard at ensuring British Values are not compromised. Staff are trained to report anything that they find suspicious or feel that a child is at risk. Extremist views are not tolerated and if someone is believed at risk, measures are in place to ensure this doesn’t happen.