The Learning and Achieving Federation

The Learning and Achieving Federation

  1. Crownfield Junior School
  2. School Information
  3. School Staff



Staff Structure


Executive Headteacher

Mr Craige Brown (Safeguarding Lead)



Mrs Gillian Horne (Safeguarding Lead) 


Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Danielle Argent  (Safeguarding Lead, Numeracy Lead, Assessment, Pupil Premium, Behaviour)


Middle Leaders

Mrs S. Fewings

Mrs S. Strong

Rachel Tong


Class Teachers

Year 3:

3W - Miss Whayling (Head of Year, Science, ECT Mentor)

3SN - Mrs Sanders / Mrs Newton (History / Computing)

3M - Miss Mitchell (Art and Design, Social Media, Student Mentor) 

3H - Mrs Hutton 


Year 4: 

4FE - Mrs Fewings (Head of Year, PHSE, School Council, Relationship and Sex Education, ECT Mentor)

4F - Miss Fraser (Modern Foreign Languages, Handwriting and Presentation)

4S - Mrs Sharma (TTRockstars)

4L - Mrs Lee


Year 5:

5C - Mrs White (Head of Year, Spelling and Grammar Lead)

5K - Mrs Kaggwa (Religious Education)

5L - Mr Cesario (Physical Education)

5S - Miss Carroll


Year 6:

6N - Mrs Nkwocha (Head of Year)

6TL - Mrs Tong / Mrs Ellis (Literacy Lead / PE)

6G - Mrs Gordon (History)


Specialist Teachers

Mrs Thurlow(Music )
Mr Pattinson (PE coach)
Mr Hinton (Special Educational Needs and Inclusion)

Mrs Strong (Curriculum Lead)


Learning Support Assistants

Miss Adams
Miss Barrington (1 to 1 Support)
Mrs Bathhurst (1 to 1 Support)
Mrs Bowers (1 to 1 Support)
Mrs Brown
Mrs Choudhury (1 to 1 Support)
Ms Dare (Speech and Language)
Mrs Denton
Mrs Dunham (HLTA)
Mrs Goulding 
Mrs Hayward (1 to 1 Support)
Miss Hutton (Learning Mentor)
Mrs Kuncik (Teaching Assistant  and Midday Assistant)
Mrs Ndubisi (HLTA)
Mrs Ramzan (1 to 1 Support)
Mrs Reid (1 to 1 Support)
Mrs Ryan
Mrs. Smith (Librarian)
Mrs Straw (1 to 1 Support)
Mrs Van Den Berg (Breakfast Club)
Mr Webb
Mrs West


Office Staff 

Mrs Brewster (Reception)
Mrs Olateju (School Business Manager)
Mrs Ruby (Data and Attendance Officer)
Mrs Singleton (General Admin and First Aid/Medical)
Mrs Zafrullah (Finance Officer)
Mrs Spiers (Home School Support Worker and Safeguarding)

Site Managers/Cleaners

Mrs Benson (Breakfast Club and Cleaner)
Mr A Clark (Site Manager) 
Mr V Clarke (Assistant Caretaker) 
Mr Hills (Cleaner)
Mrs Spencer (Cleaner)
Mrs Stone (Cleaner)
Mrs Warren (Cleaner)

Catering Staff

Terri Butler (Catering Supervisor)
Mrs Newman
Mrs Byrne


Midday  Assistants

Mrs Benson
Mr Clayton
Mrs Choudhury
Mrs Flowers
Mrs Hughes
Mrs Kuncik
Mrs Lincoln
Ms Nova
Mrs Parsons
Mrs Pervais
Mrs Tweedle
Mrs Tucker
Mrs Van Den Berg
Ms Yearley


Federation Governors
Mr A Smith (Chair) Co-opted
Mrs A Scantlebury (Vice Chair) Co-opted

Partnership/Co-opted Governors:

Mr I Mohiuddin
Mrs S Webster
Mrs J Farrow
Ms L Marshall
Mr J Keogh
Ms L Mattis

Parent Governors:

Mrs S Kushin
Mrs J Whibley
LEA Governors: Mrs V Sleightholme
Executive Headteacher Governor: Mr C Brown

Staff Governor


Mrs G Horne
Mrs C Knight