The Learning and Achieving Federation

The Learning and Achieving Federation

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Crown Championship

The school operates a House System and all children belong to one of the four Houses.  These Houses are named after famous sporting personalities from around our local area - Henman (Tim Henman, tennis player), Gunnell (Sally Gunnell, runner), Whitbread (Fatima Whitbread, javalin thrower) and Davis (Steve Davis, snooker player). Significant effort by a child can be rewarded with a ‘Crown’. If ten Crowns are collected then a child is rewarded with the presentation of a special certificate in assembly and name placed on the Crown Newsletter. 

Certificates, badges and gold stars are also presented termly in recognition of excellent conduct, effort, attendance, and progress.

Every week, the total Crowns are collected and these are published in the Crown Newsletter. At the end of the year the House with the most Crowns are presented with our Crown Championship Trophy in the Prize Giving Assembly.

See if you can earn a Crown for your House today!

Henman Gunnell Whitbread Davis
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