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Parent Zone

Parental Controls

What are parental controls?

Parental controls are software and tools which you can install on phones or tablets, games consoles or laptops – and even your home broadband.

You can also use them to help you block or filter the content your child sees when searching online. And family-friendly public WiFi can help when you’re out and about.

Parental controls are also available to help you to:

  • plan what time of day your child can go online and how long for
  • stop them from downloading apps they're too young for
  • manage the content different members of the family can see.

    So whatever your child is doing online, there’s a way that you can help keep them safe.

    How to set up parental controls on...

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    Games consoles(Tab content hidden)

    Film, music and TV(Tab content hidden)

    Search engines(Tab content hidden)

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    Apps and privacy


    Have a concern?

    It is important to stay calm and consider the steps below:

    Find out more

    Before doing anything, take a deep breath and try to remain calm. There’s lots of information and advice on this site to help you keep your child safe and access support. Further support if you are concerned about your child.

    Talking to your child

    Having a calm and open conversation is one way for you and your child to explore what is happening in an honest and supportive way. There's advice on this site on how to help your child ad how to start the conversation if you are concerned that they are being sexually abused.Concerned that your child is being sexually abused?

    Take action

    Discuss your concerns with someone you trust, for example a friend, partner or your child’s school. You can also talk to a professional at the NSPCC helpline on 0808 800 5000. Talking about it will help you decide the best action to take to ensure your child is safe. If you are concerned that a child has been, or is being sexually abused, you should report it. You can report directly to CEOP or your local police force. If you think your child is in immediate danger call 999. Report an incident to CEOP.

    Seeking support for yourself

    Whatever your situation it is likely that you will need support for yourself, as well as for your child. Talk to a friend or relative who you trust, who will listen and support you, or call the NSPCC helpline on 0808 800 5000. Advice on on how to look after yourself.